Retinal Photo

This technology allows us to view the retina without having to dilate the eyes.* This safe and painless procedure produces a sharp view of the retina, the retinal vasculature, and the optic nerve head (optic disc) from which the retinal vessels enter the eye. The picture of the retina is displayed on a flat screen so that you, the patient, can see exactly what the doctor is seeing! Most importantly, it allows us to more closely monitor eye diseases such as diabetes, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

*Dilation may still be required in some cases

Our equipment not only allows us to photograph the retina but also images such as this mature cataract.

created by TOPCON TRC-NW200


The center of the retina in this photo shows degeneration, which causes a debilitating blind spot in this patient’s vision. We can easily diagnose this and refer for appropriate treatment.

created by TOPCON TRC-NW200